Student Charter By NAAC-

Promotion of Student Participation in quality assurance

  • Institute's responsibilities towards students-

    This Institution-

    • Communicate its goal and objectives systematically and clearly to all students.
    • Offer programmes that are consistent with its goal and objectives.
    • Offer a wide range of programmes with adequate academic flexibility.
    • Obtain the feedback from students on the initiation, review and redesign of programmes if and when necessary.
    • Facilitate effective running and the teaching-learning programmes.
    • Implement a well-conceived plan for monitoring students progress continuously.
    • Ensure that the student assessment mechanism is reliable and valid.
    • Provide clear information to students about admission and completion requirements and for all programmes, the fee structure and refund policies, financial aid and student support service.
    • Ensure sufficient and well-run support services to all students.
    • Promote healthy practice.
  • Student’s responsibilities and learning-

    The student shell-

    • Appreciate the institutional goals and objectives and contribute the realization of the same by participating in relevant institutional activities.
    • Have a clear knowledge of the programmes, admission policies, rules and regulations of the institution.
    • Follow the time schedule, rules and regulations of the institution.
    • Undertake regular and intense study of learning materials.
    • Make optimum use of the learning resources and other support services available at the institution.
    • Prepare for the continuous internal assessment and term-end examinations.
    • Give feedback for system improvement.
    • Have faith and ability to pursue life long learning.
    • Live as worthy alumni of the institution.

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Students seeking a Bachelors degree can choose from our Programmes like BA, BSc. B.Com, B.P.Ed etc.

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Students seeking a Masters degree can choose from our Programmes like MA, M.Sc etc.

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